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Enough cannot be said to stress the importance of responsible scrap tire management. A 1991 study revealed that in the state of Texas alone, more than 150-million tires were illegally dumped. It goes without saying that failing to properly dispose of scrap tires is a serious problem for the environment, and the consequences of ignoring this problem will only escalate should it be ignored.

This environmental crisis is what laid the foundation for our emersion into scrap tire disposal and recycling. At Tex-American, we have stood up to the challenge that has been thrust upon us, and our goal is to reverse the trend of environmental devastation—and turn yesterday’s failures into today’s triumphs.

Why Tex-American Recycling you may wonder? The answer is simple.

In contrast to many of the other ‘tire transporters’ that seek your business, Tex-American is not simply a transporter—we are also the processor . This is important to you for a number of very important reasons.

Arguably the most important of these reasons is your organization’s legal protection. Many tire transporters simply pick up the old scrap tires from your facility, and then take those tires to a third party scrap tire processor—or at least you hope that is where they end up.

If such tire transporters fail to dispose of the tires in the proper and legal manner, you as the producer of the scrap tires can be held liable for their illegal activities. For instance, if they illegally dumped the tires instead of taking them to a certified processor, and these tires were traced back to your facility, you along with the transporter can be held liable for their actions.

With Tex-American on the other hand, from the moment you release your tires to us, you are completely released of any legal liability involving the proper disposal of the tires, because not only are we the transporter, but we are also the processor of the scrap tires. When you sign the manifest releasing the scrap tires to us, the legal and ecological responsibility of the tires passes on to us.

Just as important though is our drive to seek new ways to recycle tires to prevent them from simply being buried in a landfill. At Tex-American, we believe that the possibilities for scrap tires is endless, and that the life cycle of an old tire doesn’t need to end simply because it no longer road-worthy. Everyday new ideas and markets for old tires open up, and we pursue them to the fullest.

We believe that our efforts are a worthy venture, and we hope that you will partner with us to help clean up the planet on which we live. It is our joint responsibility to make up for the global mistakes of the past, and ensure the next generation will enjoy a greener tomorrow.

Beyond disposal, and into recycling...

Tex-American Recycling, as a contributor to the 2007 RCC Scrap Tire Workgroup, has also been a recognized partner with the EPA in finding new markets for scrap tires. The company's vision has always been and remains that tire recycling is the future.

Simply shredding and burying scrap tires in a landfill--while better than illegal tire dumps--is still no long term answer to the overwhelming scrap tire threat to the environment.

The only way to solve the national and global scrap tire crisis is for tire recycling to become a reality. Above all else, we believe that until every tire can be recycled into a re-usable product, this mission is far from complete.

This is why we have and will continue to pursue and explore every option in the tire recycling market. The potential is limitless, and we aim to make it happen.

We may seen as a tire disposal company, but in truth, we are a tire recyling company whose vision is for tires to stay off the ground, and out of landfills.

Tire piles and illegal tire dumping are serious environmental hazards.
The illegal dumping of tires, and tire piles are a serious environmental hazard. Not only can mosquitoes larve be bred in standing water--causing a severe public health threat--but tire piles are also a dangerous fire hazard if not cleaned up.
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